Monday, February 8, 2010

Don’t give me sweet, give me hot!

Sex is the pop culture and its here to stay. Everything is getting shorter, wider and lower!

Everyone wants to look sexy, men, women and even Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua. How is it that something kept most private in the bedroom burst out one day announcing its intention to sexy-larise everyone on this planet.

People who say sexy is just an inner confident feeling is utter bullshit, advertisers tell you, you can only feel sexy if you are wearing something that exposes your cleavage or your butt cheeks or both. How many advertisements have you seen in a fashion magazine that doesn’t sell sex?

We have cosmetic, sunnies, jeans, perfumes, dresses, shoes, colours, hairstyles, hats to make us look faboosh even if we don’t have the body to compensate for it. Less is more and all men are probably agreeing to this. Sex sells like hot buns! Skinny jeans that show off your ass crack is so in now, everyone wants a lipstick that would make their lips look plump and juicy.

Look at the artists transition who started from the girl next door image. Jessica Simpson went from sweet and innocent to a tramp in her videoclip These Boots Are Made For Walking (yes I know all of you are going to be checking this video now) She was in a skimpy red bikini and washing a car, occasionally she missed the car and started foaming herself. Then, you had Janet Jackson the cute bubbly youngest Jackson dancing around with her famous key earring and black outfit that covered every inch of her body. Then pow!! She shed all her lbs and clothes and posed for her album cover Janet. She was in jeans with some anonymous hands from her behind covering what her bra should have been doing. You also had Christina Aguileira, whatever happened to her? Her jeans were cut out to expose her G-string and she was getting wet and having girl fights, in short fulfilling every man’s fantasy in her videoclip Dirrty.

Mother Teresa ain’t getting the highest website hits now. Its all about Paris Hilton and her infamous sex tape, Beyonce Shaking her booty, Shakira rolling herself on mud, Pussycat Dolls with pushing their buttons (pun intended!) and now Lady Gaga who strolls down the streets with no pants.

The French Vogue for July issue tried to glamorize the anti-pants fashion. I can’t imagine wearing just a shirt and my underwear to office although that could raise my chances of getting a promotion but the thought of walking around the streets of KL in that get up that will not make me feel sexy but slutty and the last thing I need is a car pulling over next to me and asking how much to boost my sex appeal!


  1. picture :P real sex appeal buddy (pun intended). hahaha... well i think maybe, just maybe if one was in Europe or say in the west they could get away with this - seems like its normal there. But if one does it here...guaranteed traffic jam all the way and that person probably wont see daylight... of course sex sells, especially in ads and or with celebrities. The more appealing they are...the more people will love them. Of course the celebrities in Msia, especially the politicians use this method too.. hahaha...

    So...when are you getting a promotions. hahaha...i'd love to see you in that in office. Hahahaha

    and oh yeah... they wont stop to ask how much they will just drag you inside the car. thats reality in msia.

  2. Thanks for shedding the light :)

    You flip through a car magazine and all you see are boobs and asses more than the car booth!! Even mobile mags..WTH man??

  3. well the car magazine can be explained i guess.. since the car magazine is targeted more towards the males who tend to be more involved with cars then they place boobs and asses together with the car ad. well lets just face it guys like to see them just like girls like to see a 6 packs on man. Maybe it could be associated with the cars = girls jumping on you :)

    Mobile magazs...hmm...i think there's a mix of both there. even in woman mag they tend to put pics of girls who are pretty etc so the girls reading the material might want to look like them. like wise in guys of hunks in 6 packs etc...the guys would want to have the 6 packs too.... :)


  5. I wouldnt know if that theory is applicable for reading materials for women. If oyu look at Magazines ie. Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire it all women on the cover...magazines strictly dedicated to women.

    If you look at GQ, Maxim, car mags, mobile mags and even PC mags, they all have pix of semi nude women on them when the magazine has no relevance to women at all.

  6. Very interesting article! Food for thought for all of us

  7. i love Mila Kunis...nuff said. =)