Thursday, August 27, 2009

A woman’s life support system

If there is one thing a woman can never survive without, its her girlfriends. Yes, a group of girls coming together for their ladies night out, catching up on old times, the gossiping and bitching about each other…yup good memories.

When you get back from a great date, who do you call? Your girlfriend of course because she shares in the excitement with you as you tell her everything that took place in great detail and she breaks it down and analyses it for you. When you start seeing someone, you always need your girlfriend’s approval. You arrange an innocent meet between your significant other and your girlfriends, and they will end up telling you whether he’s good for you. You don’t have to impress the parents that much but you definitely have to be on your best behavior with your lady’s friends, they can shred you if they want to.

When your day goes wrong, when you have been proposed, you find out you are pregnant, we all call our girlfriends to tell them about it. Imagine calling up your male friends and going, John, guess what?? I just got proposed. Martin got down on his knees. John’s reply would be, ‘err….Congratulations!! (mutters under his breath, dumb Martin)..anyway I gotta go, Catch you later, bye’

Call your girlfriend and she will squeal in delight, asking you how it happened, where’s the ring from, how many carats, when’s the wedding, how did he propose and while you go into lengthy details, she gushes in awe for you. See the massive difference?

You call each other up and talk for hours from how your day went, to your colleagues, to your boyfriends and his family, to meeting someone cute at the bus stop or simply because you are bored. Your girlfriend knows everything about you – your work life, your personal life, your sex life she knows all your friends, colleagues, bosses and acquaintances. Removing a girlfriend is basically removing your anchor.

A girlfriend is always there for the emotional support, but honestly if my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere at night, I would be calling my guy friend. See guy friends are there for security and protection, you go to a club, you know your guy friends will be there to make sure no one gets to you physically and you feel safe. But I can’t imagine calling my male friend up and asking, ‘Hei, I’m meeting Daniel tonite, should I wear something sexy or make it semi casual. I don’t want him to think I’m easily available so I have narrowed down my outfits to two dresses. One is a long black halter dress with a plunging neckline and the other is an off shoulder navy blue short dress.

What do you think?’

Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting over the dreaded ex

Yes him, the jackass that broke your heart, left you for another woman, that didn’t pick up your calls, who said he was not ready for commitment after a night of passion. What makes us crave for these men so much? The fact that we cannot own them or that the closure was missing.

In every woman’s life, we would encounter at least one bastard, albeit some of us have a larger share in dating assholes. My theory to this is since God made us perfect, He has to give us that one thing to mess with our emotions and lives up. Aah…the conundrum of being perfect!

So how do we get over someone who trampled our hearts? Immediately delete whatever photos, numbers, letters, emails or smses you have of him, because going over those mushy times will only make you remember the good times and forget the fact that he dumped you!

And what is it about alcohol that fills your brain with hay and forces you to make that one call that will ruin your life forever…calling him!!! So the next time you decide to intoxicate yourself, surrender your phone to a good girlfriend who under no circumstances will hand you the phone for any call you desperately need to make at 4am.

Any bastard who wishes to remain friends after leaving you stranded is in one word a bastard…..and are we friends with bastards? No we are not cuz we deserve better than that. These sleazy men who want to be ‘friends’ have only one agenda in their head (am I not referring to the one resting on their shoulders ladies)

Use revenge and pain as your motivation to start looking great. The one thing every woman wishes for her ex to see, is her at her utmost best. Get a wax, tone your legs, flex those muscles, lose some weight, put some make up on, get a great pair of shoes and a sexy dress and strut yourself at his favorite joint. Let him feast his eyes and curse himself for letting you go

And finally what better way to get over him? Go on dates, although you won’t be emotionally ready for a commitment, but then again who’s asking you to get into a relationship. Just get back into the single’s world and enjoy the options that will be in front of you. You never know who becomes the hits or the misses if you don’t give it a try now, would you?

Monday, August 17, 2009

To play or not to play?

While men play the role of the prowlers, women on the other hand get into their hard to get MO. While all these ‘fowl plays’ are fun and exciting, is it really healthy?

What happens when the mind games are over and the thrill takes a downhill -he becomes tame and you conquered; at that time the only thing that will save you is your personality and skills in bed, heck what else is there to keep the fire burning?

What is it about mind games that keep us on our toes? He calls and you can only pick up after the 3rd ring and if he doesn’t call for the second time, you are sitting on your bed with a tub of Ben & Jerrys wondering what happened. You can never appear too available; you always have to pretend you don’t care; and there’s that 3rd day rule of calling. Calling on first day is desperation, second day is instant gratification and the third day is perfect because both of you will be missing each other. Who made all these rules up anyway?

What’s the objective in mind games? To not appear too easy? But why? Is it because we want the men’s respect or is it because we enjoy the chase? Do we want to be chased? Yes!! It builds our self esteem. But isn’t it a vicious cycle when the men’s interest is only in chasing and once he’s got you he’s already have you on his leash? So it continues and to avoid the control; you keep running and he keeps chasing.

I used to enjoy mind games …. about 10 years ago but I find as you grow older you only want to be honest and set the intention straight so that no one gets hurt and the man knows you are not in for a one night stand and that itself will eliminate at least 85% of the men out there

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bon Appetit

Anyone watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern is sure to be repulsed by its gastronomy distaste. Would you reach out for that yummy meatball after watching the episode of him downing a frog's beating heart?

No sir, not me. I prefer my food to be familiar and cooked.

Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work and asking your loved one, what’s for dinner and hearing the following menu

Appetizer: Bull's rectum and testicles soup with stuffed pancreas
Main entree: Gourmet cow's mouth and a mix platter of intestine-encased organs
Dessert: chocolate-covered meal worms and crickets
Served with blood freshly-harvested from King cobras made into a straight cocktail and finished with civet dropping coffee

I read this fish soup recipe from Thailand in one of those weird food cookbooks. Now follow closely so that you too can prepare this at home for your loved ones. (I can’t remember the ingredients clearly but I do remember the preparation)

In a bowl, get some live rather small fish (about 1 cm long), if you can’t buy them off the market you can always fish them out of your aquarium. Throw in one lemon grass, chili, lime and ginger.

While all these fish are swimming merrily in your bowl, boil them under a slow fire and watch them die slowly. You don’t boil it under high heat else they would die fast and float all around the bowl and that would just be repugnant for the faint hearted *grin*.

No…..the trick is to slowly boil them so that all the fish would swim up into the lemon grass thinking they would be safe from harm and not knowing they are swimming to their doom. If the heat doesn’t kill them then probably claustrophobia would. Imagine 10 fish all stuck in a narrow passage inside a lemon grass and to savour this you suck on the lemon grass with all the fish suffocated inside.

Care to join us for a Sunday brunch?