Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cheating in smells

Body odor - everyone’s nightmare because it’s something you don’t realize you have which everyone else can sniff and will bitch about behind your back. Your only hint? When you receive loads of cologne and perfumes during the company Christmas party.

Body odor is such a put off especially when you are in close proximity with others although I had a friend with really bad BO that we could sniff her a mile away.

However, maybe we should just dismiss this theory as something bad and turn the angle a 180o. Research shows that pheromones can be sexually attractive to an unsuspecting victim…Yippee, lucky us! According to Darwin, scents are used for 2 distinct reasons, defense mechanisms like the skunk or sexual attraction, the deer rubbing its hind legs against trees to attract mates. I can’t imagine forcing myself a fart just to get rid of my boss or peeing near my condo to attract men. Ok, if the peeing part worked, that would be scary!

Although, unlike animals I doubt smell can be a main attraction for humans because our noses are just not sensitive enough to pick up natural scent unless it’s really bad. Playing on these notions, you have giant cosmetic companies introducing you to a blend of exotic scents with the promise of sex, lust and carnal pleasures all trapped in a bottle that will cost you about $150 which of course suckers like us fall for.

Hei, who doesn’t wanna smell seductive if it could be bought in a bottle?


  1. In that case,buy me Clinique For Men.i loveeeeeeeeee the smell....owh btw,i dont have BO...haha.

  2. Hey i would rather get perfumes and colognes than anything else as presents *hint hint* but not because i smell (i'd like to think so) but i love them :P

    I think smell plays a role in the attraction part - really. Sometimes someone smells bad for others but you like the smell...ever thought why?.. hehehehe....

    sometimes i get attracted to the natural smell of girls :P

  3. Jarr: Ha ha Jarr, if i get you as a Secret Santa lah

    Unconscious: Natural smell of girls...so didnt come out right dude!

  4. hehehe....thats me :) nothing comes out right