Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Men with estrogens

Ever dated a man who was way more emotional than you were? He was the co-dependent, clingy, needy and insecure one? He was the one who needed assurance from you and that you’ll never walk away.

Men will never admit they are emotional. You see being emotional can be in so many levels and not just crying to a sad movie.

Here are some pointers that you could or have dated an emo-sapien:

He feels neglected when you are out with your friends and you did not invite him

He’s sensitive to everything you say and oblivious to everything he says

He instantly wants to be open about the relationship and is upset if you need time

He wants to hang out with the gang all the time so that he could constantly be with you
When there is a fight, you have to be the one calling and consoling him

You always need to understand where he is coming from

He’s always the victim
The term ‘personal space’ has no meaning to him

You have to be the strong one for him every time shit happens

He keeps calling and calling and calling if you don’t pick up

He sends you lengthy messages on the phone about how he feels

He keeps holding your hands even at a friend’s place during a game of monopoly

Emo is men’s taboo word, call them that and they become instantly over sensitive and terribly defensive.

I admit I would like a sensitive man but someone who’s able to understand my temperaments and my feelings just as how I would his…. period. I don’t want to be caught in an emotional web where everything is about his feelings, his needs and his wants.

My man has to be a man, to be the one for me when I fall, to be my pillar of strength and most importantly to allow me to be the woman in the relationship.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lingerie defines a woman

A woman in lingerie is a woman at her sexiest and most in control. Knowing what you are wearing inside hidden from the outside world gives you a sense of empowerment which only women can relate too. Lingerie is a powerful aphrodisiac, strut one in the bedroom with high stilettos and you can have your man eating out of your hand.

Lingerie is personal and extremely seductive. Put one on and you would be staring at yourself in the mirror for a long time because lingerie oozes your sex appeal. You not only look sexy, you feel sexy and you become sexy

Wearing a corset with a garter belt and the whole paraphernalia that comes with it and watch yourself transform into an irresistible nymph

So what kind of a lingerie person are you? The long, shapeless one that also works as Xanax and puts your partner on a snooze mode?

Or the smoldering hot one that causes smoke alarms to set off

Remember the rule of thumb to wearing lingerie is ‘not everything less is more’. In your attempt to look like a seductive temptress, you don’t want to appear looking like a back alley whore. Don’t bare all, there should be some left for the imagination well before he claws his way through.