Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Why is the unattainable so irresistible?

So, I decided to get back into writing and pen my not - so sordid stories down, who to be the best audience than anonymous online readers who will never know the face behind this blog. ....or so I hope they don't. Today's topic...what's is the secret of success behind the Twilight Saga or 50 Shades of Grey? Or what is the common theme running between the two? A vulnerable and lost woman climbing the heights of desperation to gain validation from an unobtainable man. Sure, one is a vampire and the other an emotionless man who just loves breaking all safety measures during sex. But what is it about putting women in a weaker spot so fantasise-able? Is it the love story that we hope will survive through the end of times against all odds or the sweet victory of winning the man not everyone thought would be husband material now forever yours.
I wonder if watching movies like this subconsciously adds to the damage we perceive about fairy tail love stories? Do we really want to be with a guy who is not able to emote, be kind, warm or sensitive to our feelings or worse with a vampire whom you will never be able to get into any base with unless you choose the bite of doom? I know we give in, in our relationships, but how much do we need to give or beg to be given - aren't these movies setting a wrong example of moving on when he's just not right for you? In many ways, I liked 500 Days of Summer, not because of Zoey or Gordon starring in the movie but simply because it shows love for what it is. Love can be painful and if you can't have the love you want, you just simply can't have it no matter how much you want it or how far you go to get it and that to me is real.

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